May Day: A Graphic History of Protest

We find that graphic novels are an effective way to get certain messages out to a larger audience. Often, there is more liberty to get messages across under the radar via graphic novels than via text-only media. This particular graphic novel addresses the history of May Day in Canada. You can order the book at the above link, and you can check out the people responsible for it here:


greetings, citizens of the world, we are anonymous. we have come forward today to bring you a message: spring is coming.
with the wane of the strong show of global solidarity that is the occupy movement, we aim to prick consciences from complacency into action.
we aim to take some time to reflect on dissent and solidarity. we aim to take just a day to commemorate what it means to stand shoulder to shoulder with the grand jury resisters, to stand with the brooklyn protestors, to stand with the demonstrators in india, to show support for anti-fascist movement in greece. we aim to celebrate our solidarity as a social bond that stands above the social bondage imposed upon us by authoritarian institutions.
with the strength of our togetherness, we intend to make a public showing of solidarity. we will laugh in the face of totalitarian control, and we will celebrate our diversity of tactics in our struggle. if there’s one thing we have learned from the past couple years, it is this – when we join hands, the powers that be tremble. we are bound by an invisible thread of communication already: the internet. from the deep web to facebook, we are communicating with one another with ease, sharing ideologies and plans, ambitions and emotions, books and media. pictures of cats.
we are reddit. we are 4chan. we are the pirate bay. we are facebook, and tumblr, and twitter.
we are anonymous.
this may day, we urge you to rekindle that spirit of september 17, 2011. we urge you to celebrate our precious unity, which will serve us well in any forseeable future. we ask you to merge the ancient festive roots of may day with the urgency of the more contemporary struggles that may day represents throughout the world. everywhere, everyday people like us are reminded on this day, that we have made a difference in the past, and we will continue to make a difference well into the future.
stop this video for just a moment and look outside, wherever you are. take just a moment to marvel at this rich and beautiful earth. this world is a shared home to us. to all of us. our lives are not meant to be basic survival and sustenance. to live life to the fullest is our birthright. no bank, no government, no police officer, no credit card, no scrap of paper or chunk of shiny rock should ever be able to take this away from us. you may think it madness, but we believe that a show, not of force, but a show of being is precisely what we need now. we are not resting on our laurels. we are not patting ourselves on the back. we will reclaim our streets, our communities, our world. we will dance. madly. our joy and celebration in the face of ever-increasing oppression will itself be an act of defiance.
a few years ago, our brothers and sisters in the middle east sparked a global revolution with the arab spring, a chain reaction of everyday people like us standing up for these simple human liberties that are the birthright of all people. let us continue. let us end the winter of our discontent, and make it glorious by the radiant sun of our solidarity.
spring is coming.
we are anonymous.
we are legion.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
expect us.

When: Saturday March 30th 2:00pm
Where: Sylvester Park

Come share ideas, dreams, and visions for May Day in Olympia. There will also be music, a really free market, and free food. What do you want Oly May Day to look like? come join us for an excellent time with great people and fantastic conversation. Bring your creative passions, and food. Join this festive celebration as we discuss what this upcoming May 1st should be like.

Spring is coming… Anything is possible

May Day 2013
Olympia, Washington
Call to Action

Everywhere we go we are reminded of the sickening and deadly growth of cancerous capitalism. We see its parasitic grasp in the form of environmental devastation, running the gamut from the Tar Sands project, the XL pipeline, coal trains, oil leaks and leaking nuclear waste containers. Efficiently gnawing on what little remains of the earth’s deathbed as it flat lines in despair. This cancer’s demands grow increasingly burdensome, sucking out what it can from those who need most. The metaphorical medical bill grows on the meek and destitute, threatening collective bargaining and bringing about the death of unions like an abandoned infected and essential limb for the livelihood of the working class. The bill is literally being raised on students increasingly struggling to compete and keep up with the demands of an irate and demanding economic monster as they slip into indebted servitude.
The blight does its best to hide the evidence of its destruction through criminalizing the homeless it spawned. The media, traditionally the immune system to societal abuse has been corrupted and bought out by the illness. The promises of a symbiotic and beneficial relationship through civil rights have been exposed as mere trickery through the existence of the surveillance state, militarized police occupation, the prison industrial complex and blatant disregard for constitutional rights. Orwell smugly chuckles at these state incursions to personal life, while Huxley sneers at the “entertainment” industry and mass peddling of prescription pills aimed to cure the symptoms, rather than the source of, this epidemic. Those who have had enough of this pandemic find themselves directly stricken by the disease, thrown into cages under the jurisdiction of a supposedly “grand” jury, deported from an illegitimately stolen land or locked into stagnant urban ghettoes. However, there is one thing this disease is unaware of: the host has had enough.
All over the world the same diagnosis is being made; the cure is being developed. We hear a chorus of discontent and massive resistance shouting from every corner of the globe. People are coming together, standing up in solidarity to confront this deplorable condition. We all hear the call of confrontation; it is time we answer it. The federal Grand Jury has directly assaulted the city of Olympia, WA. It is for this very reason that we are calling for a day of massive and direct resistance in our community. We will stand up to the injustices and repression being brought down on our homes. We will join in a diverse array of tactics to celebrate the destruction of this sickness that burdens us daily. We invite you to join us in this festive denunciation of capitalism and state repression.

No Work, No School, General Strike Now!
In Silence We Roar, In The Streets We Show Our Teeth!
Join Us