May Day

An Explanation of our Intentions

May Day is just around the corner, and already the police and the corporate media are spreading fear and slandering radicals. Thus we thought it might be beneficial to explain ourselves, and to explain what we are hoping to create on May Day:

What we want is not a riot but a festival. We are building a community of resistance. We are everywhere: we are your friends and neighborhoods, your classmates and co-workers. If we break the law by dancing in the streets, by shutting down a bank, by assembling without “permits”, it is to show each other and ourselves that another world is always possible, that through our collective power the terms of this imposed reality can be changed, the dead spaces of commerce can come alive with life and music. We are on the side of spring: of all that is green and blooming, of all that celebrates a free existence. If we stand against and denounce the banks, the police, the bosses, the politicians, and the corporate media, it is because they all seek to impose and maintain the regime of coldness and control, the empire death drive of the dollar and the clock. The violence we can expect on May Day is the violence of the police, who cannot afford to tolerate any crack in the status quo that benefits them and their owners, and who have shown time and time again their willingness to deploy the baton and pepper spray on anyone that steps out of line.

Our weapons are our joy, our music, our solidarity. Please pass this statement on to your friends and allies, and join us in the streets!

For a Commune without borders, for a Festival without end
-The Partisans of Spring


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